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Crystal D. Coleman, LMT
TX License # 129199

328 US Hwy 175 E
​Eustace, Texas 75124





"Relief for the Mind, Body and Soul"

At A Touch of Grace Massage & Bodywork, we believe that each and every day is a gift! Pain and stress rob us of these gifts! Our goal is to help alleviate the pain, eliminate the effects of stress and to help reunite all 3 aspects of your being: mind, body and soul so your focus can go back to GOD and the gift He gives you each and every day...the gift of LIFE!!



Thank You!! Your Business is a Blessing!!

ATTENTION ALL MILITARY (ACTIVE OR VETERAN), ALL SCHOOL STAFF AND PUBLIC SERVANTS (POLICE/ FIRE DEPARTMEMT EMPLOYEES, EMT'S ETC.) Because we appreciate the sacrifices you and YOUR FAMILY make/ have made, we offer highly discounted prices to your AND YOUR FAMILY on EVERY service we provide!!


(60) Minute Massages = $50.00 
(90) Minute Massages = $80.00 


These prices are not a "special" but rather your every day prices!! Just our way of saying, "THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND HAVE DONE!!


Thank you for visiting our site!! We hope to see you soon! May God Bless and Keep You and Yours!!

Crystal Coleman, LMT